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Company News About Domestic SUV BYD yangwang U8 car introduction and English translation
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Domestic SUV BYD yangwang U8 car introduction and English translation

Latest company news about Domestic SUV BYD yangwang U8 car introduction and English translation


Domestic carmaker BYD has launched the luxury version of its BYD yangwang U8 electric SUV, showcasing a pompous appearance and advanced features that are designed to take on gasoline-powered SUVs.


The BYD yangwang U8 luxury edition adopts a daring design language that projects a confident image. The front end sports a large grille with a diamond-patterned design, complemented by LED headlights mounted on each side. The grille not only looks imposing but also houses state-of-the-art driver assistance hardware, including a lidar sensor and high-tech smart cameras to scan the environment.


The SUV's proportions and overall size create an imposing presence on the road. It sports a 36.5-degree approach angle, a 35.4-degree departure angle, and a maximum wading depth of 1,000 millimeters, which is more than capable of handling off-road conditions. The wheels house various sensors and are designed to function as an important part of the car's advanced driver assistance system.


At the rear, the SUV sports a prominent eight-sided spare tire mounted externally, which is complemented by split light guide taillights. An interesting feature is the presence of six chrome trim strips on the D-pillar, each housing an LED strip that lights up when the car is unlocked or charging.


Inside, the cabin is awash with a sense of luxury and technology. Dubbed the "Star Ring Cabin," the interior is designed around a concept of multiple curves to create a wrap-around feel. The use of Nappa leather adds a touch of class, while the array of digital displays brings modernity to the cabin. The 12.8-inch central touchscreen is mounted directly on the dashboard and is flanked by a 23.6-inch full-size instrument cluster screen and a rear entertainment screen that extends across the width of the car.


Buttons and control levers scattered around the center console provide physical controls for various functions, while the four-spoke steering wheel sports controls for adjusting driving modes and terrains. The rear seats are also equipped with screens that can be linked to the front display, adding to the sense of luxury and convenience.


In terms of dimensions, the luxury edition of the BYD yangwang U8 measures 5,319 millimeters in length, 2,050 millimeters in width, and 1,930 millimeters in height, with a wheelbase of 3,050 millimeters. The cabin space is generous enough to ensure maximum comfort for all occupants.


The SUV's advanced driver assistance system includes 15+1 driving modes, which includes 10 driving modes, five ride functions, and one all-terrain adaptive feedback system that includes functions such as off-road driving and emergency floating capabilities. This system works in conjunction with the new cloud police P intelligent hydraulic body control system to provide added security for both camping and off-roading activities.


Under the hood, the luxury version of the BYD yangwang U8 is powered by a plug-in hybrid system that combines a 2.0-liter engine with electric technology to produce an output of 880 kilowatts and torque of 1,280 newton meters. The SUV can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.6 seconds and has a pure electric range of up to 180 kilometers per charge under CLTC conditions. The combined range for the SUV is an impressive 1,000 kilometers on a single tank, with fast charging capability of reaching 80% capacity in just 18 minutes.


The BYD yangwang U8 luxury edition also features an advanced entertainment system that includes top-of-the-range audio equipment throughout the car. With a total of 22 speakers spread across the cabin, this system brings cinema-quality sound experience on the road.

The BYD yangwang U8 luxury edition is undoubtedly a technological and engineering marvel that promises to bring unprecedented levels of comfort, luxury, and performance to the SUV segment.