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Voyah Free SUV: The Ultimate Electric Luxury SUV

  Voyah, a new player in the automotive industry, has just unveiled their first electric SUV - the Voyah Free. This luxury electric SUV, which is set to hit the market in the coming months, is a game-changer that perfectly combines superior driving experience with advanced technology, redefining new standards for modern urban travel. The Voyah Free SUV's exterior design is sleek and dynamic, with a luxurious metal texture that exudes a noble and unique style. LED headlights and a unique logo give the vehicle a finishing touch, making it more vibrant.   Inside, the interior is a sight to behold. The seats are made of high-grade leather, providing passengers with an extremely comfortable ride. The center console is equipped with a large touch screen that is easy to operate and provides access to a wealth of information. The instrument panel adopts the latest AR technology, seamlessly integrating driving information with the navigation system, allowing drivers to grasp the vehicle's condition more intuitively.   The advanced electric drive system is the star of the Voyah Free SUV. This system incorporates the latest battery technology, offering a driving range of up to 500 kilometers, and a very fast charging speed, with only 30 minutes required to fully charge 80% of the battery. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a full-wheel drive system to ensure stability and passability under complex road conditions. In terms of safety, the Voyah Free SUV excels. It is equipped with the latest driving assistance system, including functions such as automatic braking, lane keeping, and automatic parking. At the same time, its sturdy body structure and comprehensive passive safety system provide all-round protection for drivers and passengers.   Overall, the Voyah Free SUV is an electric SUV that combines elegance, luxury, technology, and safety. Whether driving in the city or taking on off-road adventures, it can provide you with the ultimate driving experience. The future has arrived, and Voyah Free SUV is here to take you where you want to go in style.  



China's Second-Hand Car Export Industry Shows Late-Blooming Advantages

China's second-hand car export industry has recently witnessed a rapid growth. In 2019, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security, and General Administration of Customs released the "Notice on Supporting the Launch of Second-Hand Car Export Business in Conditions Maturing Areas", officially starting China's second-hand car export business. In the first three quarters of 2023, China's second-hand car transactions reached 13.49 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 12.61%.   According to the China Automobile Dealers Association, China's second-hand car exports have shown a robust growth in overseas markets. The demand from countries such as Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America remains high. China's second-hand car export products are diverse, including both mileage-producing used cars and mileage-free parallel cars, as well as new energy and fuel vehicles. Parallel cars and new energy vehicles account for a larger proportion, but fuel cars and used cars also have specific markets.   Moreover, the export of second-hand cars is closely related to the financial industry. The construction of overseas warehouses, overseas investment in factories, and overseas customer credit loans all require capital intervention.   In 2021, Chongqing cppcc member Jian Qian wrote a proposal titled "Proposals to Promote the Establishment of a Second-Hand Car Export Base Focusing on the ASEAN Market", calling for the full play of the western land and sea new passage advantages, improving service systems, and promoting data online and industrial interconnection.   This has received industry support. In September 2023, Ruicheng Auto, Changan Automobile, Chang'an Minsheng and other 10 enterprises reached a consensus on cooperation to establish the first strategic alliance of second-hand car export enterprises in the southwest region to build a second-hand car export and refurbishing industrial park.   How can China seize the "late-blooming advantages" in the development of the second-hand car export industry?   In terms of foreign exchange settlement and tax refund for second-hand car exports, further process optimization and efficiency acceleration are needed. "In addition, the export of used cars accounts for a relatively small proportion." The lack of standard procedures and standardized inspection agencies has made it difficult to expand the export of used cars. It is urgent to establish relevant standards to promote the export of used cars.   In addition, the overseas after-sales service for second-hand car exports has mainly relied on automobile manufacturers and dealers' after-sales service stations. In the future, with the growth of second-hand car exports, both domestic and foreign companies may focus on after-sales service and expand their industry chain to seize new opportunities.



Jeep Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck: The Ultimate Off-Road Adventure Machine

The Jeep Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck, the latest addition to the Jeep family, is making waves in the off-road enthusiast community. With its rugged design and overlanding capabilities, this truck has everything one needs for traversing the toughest terrain. The Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck’s unique design and features make it stand out from the competition. The body is constructed from high-strength steel, ensuring maximum durability. The wind-resistant design means that you can confidently navigate through even the most extreme conditions.   When it comes to performance, the Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck is more than up to the task. The available turbocharged diesel engine provides explosive acceleration and unrivaled torque, making it a dream for off-roaders. The four-wheel drive system and Terrain Response 2 system ensure that you have ultimate control in all types of terrain, from sand dunes to rocky mountains.   Inside the cabin, the Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck is just as impressive. The high-quality materials and thoughtful design create a comfortable and spacious environment. The infotainment system with GPS navigation and rearview camera make it easy to find your way around uncharted territory. The rear seats fold down for even more storage space, allowing you to carry all of your gear with ease.   The Jeep Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck is not just about off-roading. It’s also about adventure and exploration. This truck can take you places that no other vehicle can, opening up a whole new world of opportunities.   The Jeep Gladiator Overland Pickup Truck is the perfect choice for those who crave adventure and seek out new experiences in the great outdoors. It’s a true off-road enthusiast’s dream come true. So why wait? Head to your local Jeep dealer today and take this ultimate off-road adventure machine for a spin!  



MG 7 The Ultimate Statement of British Luxury and Performance Sedan

As the automotive world continues to shift towards electric vehicles, there is still a place for the timeless charm of a thoroughbred sports car. The MG 7, a modern iteration of the famed British sports car, embodies both power and luxury like no other.   The MG 7 is the latest offering from the iconic British automaker, MG Motor, which has a history of making some of the most popular sports cars of the 20th century. The new MG 7, with its sleek design and high-performance engine, is a nod to the brand's rich heritage while adding a contemporary edge.       The car's exterior is a sight to behold. The lines are clean and angular, giving the car a sporty yet luxurious look. The chrome grille and the LED headlights add to the car's imposing stance, while the sculpted sides and muscular rear end exude raw power.   The interior of the MG 7 is just as impressive, boasting high-quality materials and top-notch fitment. The dashboard features a touchscreen infotainment system that is easy to use and responds quickly, while the leather seats provide ample support for even the longest drives. The cabin is spacious, and rear passengers will find enough space for their legs and heads even on long journeys.   The heart of the MG 7 is its 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which punches out an impressive 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, the car accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just over six seconds, delivering truly breathtaking performance.   Safety features include lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, forward-collision warning, and automatic emergency braking, among others. The car also boasts a high-tech infotainment system that allows users to control everything from music playback to navigation with just a few taps on the touchscreen.   The MG 7 is a sports car that truly lives up to its name. It's a combination of British luxury and performance that is sure to turn heads on the road. With its powerful engine, sleek design, and high-end features, the MG 7 is more than just a sports car - it's an experience.



What is a Crossover SUV?

Crossover SUVs are a popular choice among drivers who require a vehicle that is both practical and stylish. These sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are designed for use on maintained roads, whether paved, gravel, or dirt, and are becoming increasingly popular as a daily driver due to their versatility and comfort.   Interested in Crossover SUVs, click here to get more info and price list   Crossover SUVs provide a balance between on-road performance and off-road capability. They are typically front-wheel drive, with an automatic all-wheel-drive (AWD) system available as an option. Some models even come with AWD as standard equipment, ensuring optimal grip in a range of conditions.   Compared to traditional SUVs, crossover SUVs are typically lighter and more car-like in their design, with a unibody construction that provides a more refined ride and handling. The unibody design means that the underlying body architecture and frame are a single unit, similar to a passenger car, resulting in greater interior passenger and cargo space, as well as better fuel economy.   However, crossover SUVs do have some limitations compared to their more traditional counterparts. They generally offer reduced towing capacity, have less ground clearance, and have more restrictive approach, breakover, and departure angles. Additionally, crossover SUVs do not have 2-speed transfer cases, which add low-range gearing to a 4-wheel-drive (4WD) system for difficult driving conditions.   The first modern crossover SUVs were introduced in the 1990s, with Toyota and Subaru leading the way. The 1980 AMC Eagle was the first to combine SUV styling with a raised passenger-car platform and AWD, but it was short-lived. It wasn't until the 1996 model year that Americans really took notice of the crossover SUV trend, with Subaru's Outback becoming an instant hit. Since then, the crossover SUV market has continued to grow, with new models launched regularly to meet consumer demand.   Crossover SUVs have become so popular that they now account for more than half of all SUVs sold in the United States. With their combination of on-road performance, off-road capability, and practicality, it's no wonder that crossover SUVs continue to be a popular choice for drivers everywhere.



Ideal L9 is really 'ideal'

With the rise of new energy, Chinese brands have also entered a rapid explosion. In addition to sales growth, the high-end trend of domestic brands has also become unstoppable, from having no intersection with luxury brands to competing with each other, and even starting to pressure foreign luxury brands. As is well known, in 2023, Ideal Automobile has shown a unique trend among the new forces of car manufacturing. Among them, the flagship model L9 in the ideal car camp has performed steadily and excellently in the entire market. So, what is the real reason why the ideal L9 is favored? What is the magic of the so-called "big dad car"?     Perhaps due to the reason of "body shape", the first impression given by the ideal L9 is its grandeur. It adopts the overall design style of the ideal family, with simple and lively lines and a more futuristic front face. The front of the car uses a closed grille and is equipped with through type LED daytime running lights. The front headlights are set inside the front bumper, and the most prominent feature is the LiDAR on the roof.   The side of the car adopts a standard SUV design, which is very imposing overall. Thanks to the larger body size, the side of the ideal L9 is quite stretchy. A waistline runs through the entire side of the vehicle, and the hidden door handles are also present, ensuring a good overall feel on the side. In terms of body size, the ideal L9 has a length, width, and height of 5200 millimeters respectively × 1998 mm × 1800mm, with a wheelbase of 3100mm, this is enough to create a luxurious interior space. In the 6-seater layout, every driver and passenger can find their own comfortable space.     Sitting inside the car, our first impression is that it has become softer. Whether it is the seat padding, the door panels that can be reached by hand, the center console, and other areas, the leather is more delicate and softer than the ideal ONE. The front and second row seats are equipped with "Maybach headrests" as standard, adding a new level of comfort to the ride. If it is a family vacation, it can not only meet the comfort needs of family members for long-distance travel, but also meet the comfort of drivers driving over long distances. The overall driving and riding needs can be well met.   Even more noteworthy is the seating space of the L9. Taking a 175cm tall passenger as an example, adjusting the second row seats to about two fists of legroom, the third row still has a full fist of legroom, and the third row also supports electric backrest angle adjustment and seat heating functions, ultimately giving the third row passengers enough respect. Compared to other models in the same class, the riding experience in the third row is still quite satisfactory.   In addition, as far as the chassis is concerned, the ideal L9 front suspension adopts a double wishbone structure, while the rear suspension adopts a five link structure. The air spring and CDC continuously variable damping shock absorber are the first to appear on the ideal model, greatly enhancing the high-end feel of the chassis. It gives a comfortable and stable overall feeling, and has a certain degree of flexibility when driving, which is very good.   If you are interested in Lixiang L9 SUV or any other Cars, please feel free to send a message here to get a free quote.          



Domestic SUV BYD yangwang U8 car introduction and English translation

  Domestic carmaker BYD has launched the luxury version of its BYD yangwang U8 electric SUV, showcasing a pompous appearance and advanced features that are designed to take on gasoline-powered SUVs.   The BYD yangwang U8 luxury edition adopts a daring design language that projects a confident image. The front end sports a large grille with a diamond-patterned design, complemented by LED headlights mounted on each side. The grille not only looks imposing but also houses state-of-the-art driver assistance hardware, including a lidar sensor and high-tech smart cameras to scan the environment.   The SUV's proportions and overall size create an imposing presence on the road. It sports a 36.5-degree approach angle, a 35.4-degree departure angle, and a maximum wading depth of 1,000 millimeters, which is more than capable of handling off-road conditions. The wheels house various sensors and are designed to function as an important part of the car's advanced driver assistance system.   At the rear, the SUV sports a prominent eight-sided spare tire mounted externally, which is complemented by split light guide taillights. An interesting feature is the presence of six chrome trim strips on the D-pillar, each housing an LED strip that lights up when the car is unlocked or charging.   Inside, the cabin is awash with a sense of luxury and technology. Dubbed the "Star Ring Cabin," the interior is designed around a concept of multiple curves to create a wrap-around feel. The use of Nappa leather adds a touch of class, while the array of digital displays brings modernity to the cabin. The 12.8-inch central touchscreen is mounted directly on the dashboard and is flanked by a 23.6-inch full-size instrument cluster screen and a rear entertainment screen that extends across the width of the car.   Buttons and control levers scattered around the center console provide physical controls for various functions, while the four-spoke steering wheel sports controls for adjusting driving modes and terrains. The rear seats are also equipped with screens that can be linked to the front display, adding to the sense of luxury and convenience.   In terms of dimensions, the luxury edition of the BYD yangwang U8 measures 5,319 millimeters in length, 2,050 millimeters in width, and 1,930 millimeters in height, with a wheelbase of 3,050 millimeters. The cabin space is generous enough to ensure maximum comfort for all occupants.   The SUV's advanced driver assistance system includes 15+1 driving modes, which includes 10 driving modes, five ride functions, and one all-terrain adaptive feedback system that includes functions such as off-road driving and emergency floating capabilities. This system works in conjunction with the new cloud police P intelligent hydraulic body control system to provide added security for both camping and off-roading activities.   Under the hood, the luxury version of the BYD yangwang U8 is powered by a plug-in hybrid system that combines a 2.0-liter engine with electric technology to produce an output of 880 kilowatts and torque of 1,280 newton meters. The SUV can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.6 seconds and has a pure electric range of up to 180 kilometers per charge under CLTC conditions. The combined range for the SUV is an impressive 1,000 kilometers on a single tank, with fast charging capability of reaching 80% capacity in just 18 minutes.   The BYD yangwang U8 luxury edition also features an advanced entertainment system that includes top-of-the-range audio equipment throughout the car. With a total of 22 speakers spread across the cabin, this system brings cinema-quality sound experience on the road. The BYD yangwang U8 luxury edition is undoubtedly a technological and engineering marvel that promises to bring unprecedented levels of comfort, luxury, and performance to the SUV segment.  



The DEEPAL S7 SUV: A Valiant Vanguard in the World of Automotive Luxury

  In the ever-expanding world of automotive design, the DEEPAL S7 SUV stands out as a fearless and valiant addition to the ranks of luxury SUVs. With its arresting aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and peerless performance, the DEEPAL S7 SUV has taken the driving experience to new heights.     The exterior of the DEEPAL S7 SUV is a sight to behold. The chrome grille, sleek lines, and LED headlights give it a distinct and modern look that is sure to turn heads on the road. The SUV's muscular body and raised ride height provide a perfect blend of style and functionality. The panoramic sunroof, privacy glass, and alloy wheel further enhance its alluring appearance.     The interior of the DEEPAL S7 SUV is a luxurious haven, designed to pamper and indulge the senses. The plush leather seats, wood trim, and metal accents create a posh and comfortable ambiance. The dashboard layout is clean and intuitive, with the latest infotainment technology seamlessly integrated. The rear seat is roomy and comfortable, with enough space for even the tallest passengers to stretch out. When it comes to performance, the DEEPAL S7 SUV is no slouch. The turbocharged engine provides brisk acceleration and seamless throttle response, making it a pleasure to drive even on the busiest of roads. The SUV's handling is agile and composed, with precise steering and composed cornering. The ride quality, too, is exemplary, absorbing road imperfections with ease. The DEEPAL S7 SUV also leads the pack in terms of safety features. It comes equipped with an array of advanced driver-assist technologies, including autonomous emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. The SUV's strong body structure and five-star crash-test rating provide peace of mind for occupants.   The DEEPAL S7 SUV is not just a means of transportation; it's a statement of style and luxury. It embodies the best of automotive design and engineering, and promises to transform the way you experience the open road.   Learn more about Deepal S7 SUV configuration>>>



China Surpasses 20 Million in New Energy Vehicle Sales in Just 17 Months

On July 3rd, China’s 20th millionth new energy vehicle was taken off the production line at the Guangzhou GAC Aion factory. It took China 27 years to reach the first million vehicles but only 17 months to surpass 20 million vehicles from the 10th million.    China’s new energy vehicle industry has come a long way since its inception, developing a complete industrial chain system that includes key materials, core components, and the entire vehicle. The rapid export growth of new energy vehicles has opened up a new frontier for Chinese automobile enterprises. However, this does not mean that Chinese brands have firmly established a foothold overseas. “Wu Songquan, a senior chief expert at China Automotive Center and chief engineer at China Automotive Strategy and Policy Research Center, told Uncle Dao. “ While China has a large total export volume of automobiles, it has a small market share in most individual markets and has numerous brand names, which cannot compete with automobile brands in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.” Aion S   Taking the European market as an example, in the first half of this year, China exported approximately 350,000 new energy vehicles to Europe, with a total sales volume of 1.419 million new energy vehicles in Europe during the same period. Although a 25% market share may seem quite high, due to the large number of new energy vehicle brands in China, the sales of a single brand are not as good as other multinational brands. Specifically, in the sales ranking of European new energy vehicle brands in the first half of the year, only SAIC MG made it into the top ten; in the model sales ranking, domestic cars MG4 and Polestar 2 rank eighth and 18th respectively, with the leaders coming from traditional multinational car companies, except for Tesla.



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