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Company News About Ideal L9 is really 'ideal'
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Ideal L9 is really 'ideal'

Latest company news about Ideal L9 is really 'ideal'

With the rise of new energy, Chinese brands have also entered a rapid explosion. In addition to sales growth, the high-end trend of domestic brands has also become unstoppable, from having no intersection with luxury brands to competing with each other, and even starting to pressure foreign luxury brands. As is well known, in 2023, Ideal Automobile has shown a unique trend among the new forces of car manufacturing. Among them, the flagship model L9 in the ideal car camp has performed steadily and excellently in the entire market. So, what is the real reason why the ideal L9 is favored? What is the magic of the so-called "big dad car"?


Lixiang L9


Perhaps due to the reason of "body shape", the first impression given by the ideal L9 is its grandeur. It adopts the overall design style of the ideal family, with simple and lively lines and a more futuristic front face. The front of the car uses a closed grille and is equipped with through type LED daytime running lights. The front headlights are set inside the front bumper, and the most prominent feature is the LiDAR on the roof.

Lixiang L9 SUV


The side of the car adopts a standard SUV design, which is very imposing overall. Thanks to the larger body size, the side of the ideal L9 is quite stretchy. A waistline runs through the entire side of the vehicle, and the hidden door handles are also present, ensuring a good overall feel on the side. In terms of body size, the ideal L9 has a length, width, and height of 5200 millimeters respectively × 1998 mm × 1800mm, with a wheelbase of 3100mm, this is enough to create a luxurious interior space. In the 6-seater layout, every driver and passenger can find their own comfortable space.

Lixiang L9



Sitting inside the car, our first impression is that it has become softer. Whether it is the seat padding, the door panels that can be reached by hand, the center console, and other areas, the leather is more delicate and softer than the ideal ONE. The front and second row seats are equipped with "Maybach headrests" as standard, adding a new level of comfort to the ride. If it is a family vacation, it can not only meet the comfort needs of family members for long-distance travel, but also meet the comfort of drivers driving over long distances. The overall driving and riding needs can be well met.

Lixiang L9 SUV inside


Even more noteworthy is the seating space of the L9. Taking a 175cm tall passenger as an example, adjusting the second row seats to about two fists of legroom, the third row still has a full fist of legroom, and the third row also supports electric backrest angle adjustment and seat heating functions, ultimately giving the third row passengers enough respect. Compared to other models in the same class, the riding experience in the third row is still quite satisfactory.

Lixiang L9


In addition, as far as the chassis is concerned, the ideal L9 front suspension adopts a double wishbone structure, while the rear suspension adopts a five link structure. The air spring and CDC continuously variable damping shock absorber are the first to appear on the ideal model, greatly enhancing the high-end feel of the chassis. It gives a comfortable and stable overall feeling, and has a certain degree of flexibility when driving, which is very good.


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