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Company News About What is a Crossover SUV?
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What is a Crossover SUV?

Latest company news about What is a Crossover SUV?

Crossover SUVs are a popular choice among drivers who require a vehicle that is both practical and stylish. These sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are designed for use on maintained roads, whether paved, gravel, or dirt, and are becoming increasingly popular as a daily driver due to their versatility and comfort.


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Crossover SUVs provide a balance between on-road performance and off-road capability. They are typically front-wheel drive, with an automatic all-wheel-drive (AWD) system available as an option. Some models even come with AWD as standard equipment, ensuring optimal grip in a range of conditions.


Compared to traditional SUVs, crossover SUVs are typically lighter and more car-like in their design, with a unibody construction that provides a more refined ride and handling. The unibody design means that the underlying body architecture and frame are a single unit, similar to a passenger car, resulting in greater interior passenger and cargo space, as well as better fuel economy.


However, crossover SUVs do have some limitations compared to their more traditional counterparts. They generally offer reduced towing capacity, have less ground clearance, and have more restrictive approach, breakover, and departure angles. Additionally, crossover SUVs do not have 2-speed transfer cases, which add low-range gearing to a 4-wheel-drive (4WD) system for difficult driving conditions.


The first modern crossover SUVs were introduced in the 1990s, with Toyota and Subaru leading the way. The 1980 AMC Eagle was the first to combine SUV styling with a raised passenger-car platform and AWD, but it was short-lived. It wasn't until the 1996 model year that Americans really took notice of the crossover SUV trend, with Subaru's Outback becoming an instant hit. Since then, the crossover SUV market has continued to grow, with new models launched regularly to meet consumer demand.


Crossover SUVs have become so popular that they now account for more than half of all SUVs sold in the United States. With their combination of on-road performance, off-road capability, and practicality, it's no wonder that crossover SUVs continue to be a popular choice for drivers everywhere.