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Company News About Valeo will bring innovative technologies to the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show
Contacts: David Wu
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Valeo will bring innovative technologies to the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

Latest company news about Valeo will bring innovative technologies to the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

    Valeo is a global leader in mobility. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Valeo Group. Over the past 30 years, Valeo has been expanding its presence in China. Today, China has become the largest single country in the Valeo Group. Valeo has 35 factories in China and nearly 20,000 employees. It has always adhered to the principle of "taking root in China and serving China".

Since entering China in 1994, Valeo has built trusting relationships with Chinese automakers and suppliers. In China, Valeo comprises four business units (Thermal, Vision, Powertrain, Comfort and Driver assistance) as well as Valeo Aftersales. While actively conducting business, Valeo strengthens cooperation with the local supply chain to provide local production for the Chinese market. China is the world's largest auto market, and more than 90 percent of our production in China is for the domestic market. In 2022, China contributed 18 percent of the group's sales. In China, more than 40 per cent of console kit sales come from local traditional and new power carmakers, which account for 45 per cent of total orders in the Chinese market.

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    Zhou Song, president of Valeo China, said, "In 2022, Valeo launched its' Move Up 'program, identifying four strategic development directions in line with market trends: advancing electrization, accelerating advanced driver assistance, reshaping the in-cabin experience and whole-area intelligent lighting. These four areas of technology are at the core of driving change in China's automotive industry. Our first year in China has been phenomenal, with 7 per cent sales growth, outperforming the overall market, and orders reaching 2.2 times sales."

Shaping the future of mobile travel in China

    Currently, Valeo has 14 research and development centers in China, with about 4,000 engineers dedicated to preparing for the future of mobility in China and beyond. Following its global technology centre in Wuhan, Valeo opened its China Innovation and Mobility Centre in Beijing last year and will soon open a new research and development centre for advanced driver assistance in Shanghai.

   "Innovation is one of Valeo's key drivers. The Group has always placed China in an important development position and will continue to expand its investment in China. At Valeo China, we are proud to contribute to the group's innovation, not only for the Chinese market, but also for overseas markets. Together with our partners, we hope to continue to strengthen our local R&D efforts and R&D talent development to build a limitless and sustainable future for mobility." Says Gu Jianmin, chief technology officer of Valeo China.

   Valeo always adheres to the concept of open innovation. While strengthening internal product innovation and optimization, we are also actively cooperating with universities, academic institutions and innovative technology enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of future business through open innovation. The group set up a joint laboratory with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and invested in Kaihui Automotive Fund in 2016, aiming to expand its mobility ecosystem in China. In 2022, Valeo and Huazhong University of Science and Technology established a Joint Vibration and Noise Laboratory (V&A-LAB China) to further strengthen joint innovation with universities.

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A new unmanned logistics vehicle eDeliver4U was unveiled

   At the Shanghai Auto Show, Valeo will debut its new driverless logistics vehicle eDeliver4U, an electric driverless logistics vehicle developed independently in China and equipped with Valeo's cutting-edge innovative technology.

   The vehicle's electricized chassis integrates Valeo's 48-volt system solution developed specifically for lightweight mobility, and is equipped with Valeo's latest mass-produced Advanced Assisted Driving (ADAS) sensors and software stack to enable autonomous driving. In addition, Valeo's lighting technology enhances safety and ensures interactive communication with other road users.

    A sensor-cleaning system ensures all-weather operation in a variety of road environments, while an advanced Assisted Driving (ADAS) cooling system ensures stable operation even in hot weather conditions.


Propulsion electrification

    China is leading the revolution in the electrification of automobiles, and Valeo is following the pace of the Chinese market, offering a full range of electric powertrain solutions from 12 volts, 48 volts to 800 volts, from hybrid to pure electric. Our electrification solutions have been or will be adopted by international automobile manufacturers, traditional Chinese automobile brands and new power brands. Valeo's accumulated expertise in thermal management systems over a long period of time led to the development of the world's first intelligent heat pump for electric vehicles for a major Chinese automaker, which ensures passenger comfort while optimizing battery life.

    At the show, Valeo will showcase its diversified product portfolio to meet all market needs related to electric powertrains, including a new generation of rare-earth free and magnetic-free automotive motors developed in cooperation with Renault. Valeo will also demonstrate its comprehensive strengths in thermal management systems, which are critical to the performance of electric vehicles and their charging equipment.

   These practical technologies, originally developed for the automotive industry, have made Valeo a major global player in mobility. Its electric solutions are already available for bicycles (Valeo Cyclee), two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles, as well as driverless logistics vehicles such as eDeliver4U.



Accelerated advanced driver assistance system

    As a pioneer and global leader in the field of Advanced Driver assistance systems (ADAS), Valeo has developed all types of sensors and associated intelligent systems that help cars make the right judgments. Recently, Valeo created a complete L2 Level autonomous driving system, endorsed by a Chinese automaker, using a 5C-5R-12U sensor bank (five cameras, five radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors), domain controller and software stack designed specifically for L2 level assisted driving and self-parking.

At the show, Valeo will showcase its award-winning third-generation lidar scanner, the SCALA 3. Valeo's first - and second-generation lidar, SCALA 1 and SCALA 2, enable conditional autonomous driving in heavy traffic. By supporting a wider range of usage scenarios and faster speeds, SCALA 3 dramatically increases the range of vehicle operations, thereby increasing customer value. Valeo is also recognized as a leader in robotaxi (driverless taxi) components because SCALA 3 uses technology that has proven to be of high standard and proven in mass production to support our customers' mass deployment of driverless taxis. So far, three companies in North America, Europe and Asia have selected the lidar, with orders worth more than 1 billion euros. The technology uses point clouds to reconstruct three-dimensional images of the vehicle's surroundings at a resolution unmatched in automotive systems.

    As cars become more intelligent and connected, their architecture is evolving, with more sensors and software embedded. Valeo is developing innovative and powerful domain controllers for self-parking and autonomous driving. Many Chinese automakers support the integration of ADAS and infotainment systems into a single domain controller, so Valeo is working on the first standard solution, which will go into production in 2024. This low-cost solution for Class L2 autonomous vehicles will comply with the EU's General Safety Regulation (GSR) and pass the new Car crash test (NCAP).



Reinventing the cabin experience

    Valeo is reinventing the in-cabin experience, offering a new level of comfort, safety and immersion. With its expertise in sensory systems and artificial intelligence, Valeo is providing a complete solution for in-cabin experiential travel. At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, we will showcase technologies in the areas of vehicle entry (keyless entry system), behavioral attention (cockpit interior and driver monitoring system) and human-computer interaction (new materials like wood interactive interface).

    A driver monitoring system, for example, is a life-saving technology that uses infrared cameras to track a driver's alertness and detect signs of sleepiness or distraction. We primarily use human face data to train AI-based facial recognition algorithms to accurately detect facial expressions of fatigue, distraction and different emotions, ensuring a highly accurate system for our Chinese customers. The system has been in mass production in China since 2019 and has received a lot of positive feedback from end users.

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Global intelligent lighting

    As cars become more electric and automated, omni-directional lighting in and around cars will become more important to assist driving, transmit signals, and promote vehicle intelligence and personalization.

    China is a trend-setting and dynamic market that embraces the possibilities Valeo offers in terms of design and communications. We work with Chinese automakers to help develop lighting solutions for their platforms through our high-performance dynamic OLED lights, enabling design freedom, high-end molding, personalized application and timely information interaction.

    Valeo will also showcase its lighting experience and digital twin at the show. Valeo is developing artificial intelligence systems that combine styling, function and technology to define and visualize overall designs in real time. These cutting-edge systems will accelerate the virtual development of lighting solutions, meaning that prototyping can be left as late as possible, thereby reducing development costs. These solutions also address the issue of outdated hardware by updating styling styles throughout the vehicle's life cycle. Valeo's collaboration with Ningbo Seville also enables us to integrate state-of-the-art lighting and signaling systems for the grille area, making it easier to localize development and creative design.

    China is at the forefront of autonomous driving development. Our sensor cleaning portfolio helps improve the reliability of self-driving cars, rain or shine, cold or warm.

    Finally, interior lighting is being reshaped and extended to all interior surfaces to create a more immersive experience for passengers. Interior lighting can be used for a wide range of purposes, including transmitting navigation information, enabling music visualization, creating a personalized and pleasant atmosphere, and more. Valeo uses visual, auditory, tactile and other senses to create a wonderful immersive experience.